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You take pride in being able to fix your vehicle when it needs a repair. The hardest part can actually be finding the right part that fits your vehicle. When you need to find a part, Pete's Auto Parts specializes in hard to find parts for all your automotive needs.


From transmission parts to brake parts we have a part locator service that will help identify where the closest part is and get it overnight so you can have it next day.  

Get your vehicle back on the road

Whether you own a mechanic shop or just like to do your own repairs, having us on hand can help speed up the repair process.

 •  Engine parts

 •  Exhaust parts

 •  Front-end parts

 •  Brake parts

 •  Transmission parts

Avoid long-lasting breakdowns

Full line of auto parts in stock

With over 39 years of experience, you can trust our advice and selection in paint and tools for your vehicle. Every part you purchase is guaranteed to work!

Dependable service you can trust

Shop a large selection of reasonably priced parts to get your vehicle back on the road.

Get those hard to find parts with our locator service